European Gamers Community

For Friends, Fun and Fairplay!

About us

What is the EGC?

EGC is a acronym for the European Gamers Community.
A community with its own game servers, and teamspeak.
We are not bound to a specific game or genre.
We are a community run by gamers, for gamers. We stand for Friends, Fun and Fairplay!
While democracy being one the pillars of our community.

Our Goal...

The goals of the EGC is to provide a virtual home for PC Gamers.
A place where members have the feeling they are home, with friends. And if desired, play on our own dedicated server.
Our main goal is outlined in our credo: “For Friends, Fun and Fairplay”.

Our Services

At Your Service


Feel free to join us on teamspeak. Click here or join manually by using the IP:


Prefer Discord over TeamSpeak? No problem, click here to join our Discord.

Game Servers

By having our own private dedicated servers. We can host almost any game our community whishes for.

Made with Love

Our community and services are build and maintained with love. For gamers, by gamers.

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