• I. You must read and agree to the European Gamers Community (EGC.) Code of Conduct and register on this website before becoming an official member of the EGC community.
    • II. The European Gamers Community has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for cheating in a online public game where other players will get a disadvantage. For example, we do not allow any hacks such as ESP, Aimhack, Speedhack, Recoil hack etc.
    • III. Discrimination of any type will NOT be tolerated at all! This includes inside of lobbies, chat forums, or any game of any type. Please represent EGC to the fullest, in a positive manner, and show respect to everyone including non-members. Do not fall victim to another user egging you on. Simply, mute the player or leave the game and/or lobby. Report the player to a higher up if they are an EGC member. If it is a public person, have your entire party leave that game. What you do and how you act are both reflections on how EGC is perceived.
    • IV. Harassment of any type, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, will NOT be tolerated. If you are found in violation of this section, you will face the harshest punishment, including possible dismissal from EGC, depending on the severity.
    • V. Minimum age to join is 16. No exceptions are made.
    • VI. Wearing the "EGC." tag is not mandatory, nonetheless we encourage you being a ambassador of the European Gamers Community.
    • VII. All members in EGC have an open door policy to present any problems or ideas. Please use the chain of command when you need to express these things. You should never go over your superiors’ heads. Please respect your leaders.
    • VIII. When you wear the "EGC." tag you are a Community Ambassador. Appropriate behavior is demanded, inappropriate behavior is not tolerated. This includes (but not limited to) slander, racism, trolling, profanity, or any illicit behavior. This also includes naming conventions. No person shall be excluded from the community for reasons of color, creed, sexual orientation or religious views.
    • IX. In tournament/competitive matches. Never leave another EGC member behind. To quit in the middle of a game is not acceptable. This is considered leaving a member behind. We are all EGC. We will win or lose together.
    • X. There will be no donation and/or membership refunds in case someone breaks the rules and receives a ban because of it.

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